Licence Disqualification – Can You Keep Your Licence for Work?

This is a question I often get from clients who are facing a licence disqualification for offences such as drink driving.

People are often surprised and disappointed to hear that the answer is a firm “no”. There is no provision in the laws of this state that allows you to retain your licence for work purposes (or, indeed, any other purpose). If you are losing your licence, you are losing it completely.

If you drive for a living, or need to drive to get to and from work, it is therefore important that you retain a lawyer to represent your interests in any matter in which your licence may be disqualified. While there are no “work only” drivers licences in South Australia, the fact that you need a licence for work is a factor that the court will weigh up in deciding whether your licence should be disqualified at all and, if so, how long the disqualification should last.

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