Fixed Fee Divorce and Property Settlement in South Australia

Dewar Legal is a firm of lawyers in Adelaide, South Australia. We are pleased to announce that we now offer “fixed fee” arrangements in family law property settlement matters. These new arrangements cover all negotiations and any necessary court proceedings relating to dividing the assets of your marriage or de facto relationship.

Being involved in a legal matter is stressful enough without the uncertainty of not knowing how much you will be paying your lawyer. Almost all legal firms practising in family law bill on the basis of an hourly rate that leaves you with no certainty as to how much you will end up paying. While hourly rates are sometimes necessary in complex cases, in most run-of-the mill cases hourly rates reward inefficiency and contribute to the dragging out of legal matters. In our view, billing on an hourly rate in a straightforward legal matter contributes to stress and distrust between lawyers and clients which is best avoided.

We are experienced enough to know how much most matters will cost. When we first meet you we can offer you a firm and binding “fixed fee” deal that will leave you in no doubt whatsoever as to exactly how much your entire legal matter will cost. This is something that most legal firms do not offer.

We are also happy to meet you, discuss your legal matter and provide you with details of our “fixed fee” arrangements on a no-obligation, no-cost basis.

If you have a family law matter in South Australia, please feel free to contact Dewar Legal by calling (08) 8311 3964 to arrange a free interview. You can also contact us by clicking here.

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We look forward to meeting with you and helping you to resolve your family law matter.